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Hi Guys, I thought it would be nice to have my own blog where I can answer questions from all of you! Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions for new videos!


10 responses to “Sarah Dussault’s Official Blog

  1. Saw your photoshop video shoot on YouTube by accident.

    Frankly, I didn’t think you needed a whole lot of touch-up so I don’t know where that guy was talking about you looking 10 years younger. I used to model in NY back when photoshop wasn’t around much.

    My question is…have you ever tried an Expresso Fitness bike? They have a couple in my club here in Portland and they are incredible. They use a simulation screen to make it seem as if you’re biking in all sorts of landscapes. You have to downshift and upshift depending on the topography. You can keep track of your rides on your computer and compete against other riders. I sweat like a banshee within 5 minutes of riding!!

    Might want to do a video on it. And no, I don’t work for the company.

  2. Before to write something, I want to ask something.

    Can I write some words in portuguese?

    Now about diet. Well, I make your exercise everyday, I began to make them exercises since June 2009, I’m losing weight, thank you. Sarah, would I like to know your opinion, how I do to maintain the weight?

  3. hey i don’t think my comment showed up?

  4. mk, i’m gonna leave it in more than one comment, cuz i think it’s too big as a whole! let me see

  5. hahaha this blog is funny…

    i just googled workout video, all up early and ready to work out (I never get up this early, summer or ever. College has turned me into an up all night/lazy all day partier…even though ucsb is the number 2 party school in the nation, it’s also supposed to be the number 2 fittest university in the nation! Damn, well it’s about to be a new year and I’ve decided to check myself and take a year off partying, spending it, instead, sleeping early, getting up to work out and actually going to class… I used to be a second degree black belt, weigh 120 with a 6 pack, and run a 5 minute mile–back in high school.

  6. Then I fell in love with a chick, also fit, 90 pounds, quit all my sports for her, and literally gained weight with her throughout two years, spending all our time together like a married couple– sitting around watching like the notebook on repeat and stuffing down Costco taquitos all day every day…we wanted to get married at 18, but thank God it didn’t work out and now I’m “single, sexy, and free” lol AND getting a degree. Well, the problem is, minus the sexy part, I’m still fat as fuck and carried the weight until now…partying in college for two years hasn’t helped! Lol. Not that bad though, 180 pound, but I want to pass my previous peak.

  7. I’m only 20, about to be 21, and the ladies aren’t feeling the beer belly…I mean before her, I was used to girls coming to ME and tryna win MY heart. Well, I don’t blame them, in retrospect, I wouldn’t date a fat chick…no offense, but it’s a changeable condition…an unhealthy one, your body is a temple, and if I am able to respect my body as a temple, I would expect the same out of a lover…otherwise it shows a lack of self-control, which dominoes into a shitload of other negative characteristics. So, if I want a girl who treats her body like a temple, I, first, need to learn to treat my body like a temple…even if not for girls, for myself, for my healthy, for my temple for me. Good motivation, right? I feel kinda awkward expressing myself over a health stranger’s blog, but you’re one youtube video reminded me of workouts I used to do, got me to thinking and has helped me find myself, my goals, and this new found motivation…so it’s only right that I vent here. Hope you’re not like who the eff is this guy? Haha, no idea if you’ll even read this, but again, this is for myself. I hope if anyone reads this they would be inspired, that’d be chill.)

  8. Hi Sarah!!!!
    I have been working out a lot lately. Cardio etc. I need to shed lbs. But I want to know what can I use as weights. I need to work out on my arms 🙂

    Thanks in advanced

  9. Marcus Vinicius

    Hey, Sarah!

    I was thinking about you, if you would like to do a website or if you want help. I’m here.

    Add me on ORKUT, ok.
    We can talk more about it.

    Ask me about all of the things that I do for you.
    Bye bye!


  10. Mario Limbouris

    Hi Sarah,
    I was just curious about your opinion on diet sodas.I am trying to lose weight and am of the opinion that sugar is the real enemy in this war to lose fat.I just wanted your opinion on this matter.

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