My Fans

I get some of the most incredible fan emails. Really. They make me love what I do. They make me want to ditch the media and focus on training and wellness coaching. On occasion though, i do get ridiculous hate messages. I wanted to share this one with all of you because this person is ridiculous they must be publicly ridiculed. And lastly, if you are going to insult me at least do it using proper grammar.

Subject:You suck!

you suck!
Sarah is a stupid cunt and if that Cheeseburger was 4 Year sOld then it should look green and smell like shit and this other cunt she like When I was overweigh i like McDonald’s so one day she by’s a Cheeseburger and keep it for one Year. thats bullshit this lady is steel a FATASS CUNT who has a lot of room to talk…she probably had a big mac on the way to the show for lunch! shes the last one who needs to go talkin about losing weight! so Sarah and FATASS BITCH kiss my ass and suck my DICK
YouTube User: haloengage1313


3 responses to “My Fans

  1. hi sarah, ignore what that crzy guy said. we love you and are behind you . just continue what you are doing and saty focused. just to ask do you teach self defense classes for females.

  2. Don’t be aggravated – who knows it might just be from a little kid.

  3. Great spelling and grammar. I’m picking their IQ is the same as their shoes size.

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