Splenda side effects

I’m currently researching for a video on splenda side effects. If you have been getting terrible migraines, or simple have not been feeling like yourself since you started eating eating splenda please leave a comment or send me an email at Bostonfit@gmail.com – we are looking for a few people to be featured in our video on YouTube (my channel has 24K subscribers). We are not going to put you at any risk of liability but would love to hear your story in hopes that we help some one out there who may also be suffering. For a list of more symptoms visit this site.


2 responses to “Splenda side effects

  1. I dont have any stories to tell except that i have spoken to people that have felt dizzy and faint after having eaten splenda. The advertising promotes splenda as being close to sugar, but the truth is it is closer to lawn fertiziler in its chemical composition.

    of course mercola is always good for scaring people, I actually prefer this article below – I have no connection or affiliation, I just like the article 🙂


  2. check out underground wellness. Sean Croxton must have video on splenda so you could use that as a resource if you need more info

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