The Skinny

I love Scarlett Johansson for this article. I produce fitness videos online, and get told I’m too heavy all the time on YouTube. It’s crazy how people just expect everyone to look “celebrity thin” when even they have a hard time staying so skinny year round.
This video features Valerie Waters who is a celebrity trainer for Jennifer Garner and more, and even she says the fitness workouts are bogus in those magazines! Makes you wonder how much of any of the magazines are true???
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4 responses to “The Skinny

  1. oh my god! thank you so much for posting this vid! You have no doubt seen the dove commercials showing the editing process – that is crazy stuff! there is some great stuff online that shows some of the classic mistakes – like forgetting to photoshop out the hand on the shoulder or to include the half of the leg… stuff like that. I think if we see it enough we start to believe it. I mean, some of my friends with actual time on their hands talk about photos in mags the same way they talk about reality tv – as if it actually is real. Poor innocent souls 🙂

  2. This blog is so great. You should keep it up! Sarah is the classic clueless hot chick who knows how to flaunt her looks just so she can get buy.

  3. You’re beautiful and they’re silly. These folks are probably just intimidated by strong women. Stay buff! 😉

  4. anyone who is telling you that you’re heavy is crazy and needs serious help.

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