A Gift From God?

So last Friday, I got an email about a cool opportunity involving charitable causes and making videos. I’ll fill you all in later but I get a Flip Mino HD to use for the projects! This comes at the most opportunistic time BECAUSE I’m trying to make my own videos these days and definitely would not be able to afford my own camera. The weirdest thing about this whole story is that as I’m making final agreements with my company for future projects (It’s been a bumpy one and not all cupcakes and sprinkles) the Flip came in the mail. After charging it for about 30 minutes, I go to turn it on. The first prompt is to adjust the date. I say outloud, “May 11th?!” and start adjusting the date while my sister stares at me with her jaw dropped to the ground.

“May 11th!?” she exclaims, “that’s your favorite day. You’re the only person I know with a favorite day and that’s the day it’s on?!”

I didn’t even realize it! May 11th is my favorite day. I’ve blogged about it a lot in the past. It has no significance but since I was in 4th grade, I’ve celebrated May 11th because May is my favorite month. When I was little May meant summer was coming and it was prime soccer season when I played. Also, as coincidence would have it, my number at that time was also #11.

Is my Flip a gift from God? I think it so. Or at least it’s the most fantastic step in the right direction to my new video channel on YouTube. SarahsFabChannel – Go SUBSCRIBE! Now. All proceeds go to charity from the puppy 🙂


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