How much does a fitness video host workout?

I uploaded a new video yesterday to answer a few questions from my fans.
1. How much do I workout for my job?
2. Am I trying to lose weight? If so, how much?

Here are my written answers:

I workout 5 days a week with one off day and one casual active day that I usually use to play a sport or go for a long walk. I run 3 days a week from 30-50 minutes (30 minutes being an interval based high intensity workout and 50 being a casual long run.) Two days a week I usually do Yoga which falls on running days anywhere from 20 minutes at home to 60 minutes at the gym. For the other 2 days I do strength training with a trainer at Revolution Fitness for an hour to 90 minutes using weights, machines and my own body weight.

I am not trying to lose weight but if I lost 5 lbs I would not be disappointed. I’m at a happy healthy weight where I can enjoy food and not feel like I’m restricting myself. I don’t eat whatever I want, but in moderation and on special occasions I do. I still drink on weekends and have dessert regularly. I’m trying to maintain my weight and build lean muscle mass.


One response to “How much does a fitness video host workout?

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