Now Offering Personalized Diet & Fitness Plans!

Personalized Diet Plan

After receiving emails on a weekly basis asking about individual training and diet plans, I decided to create a package/program so that I could give my time and attention to those who want it.  I know this won’t be something everyone wants but I want to be able to provide a service my readers/viewers have asked for.  

Here is what the program consists of:

  • 7 Day Meal Plan based on your personal calorie limits, likes, dislikes and lifestyle preferences.  This includes all recipes which have minimal ingredients. (Hint, if you hate oatmeal I won’t tell you to have oatmeal for breakfast.  If you go to school, your lunch won’t be an elaborate lunch salad). 
  • 2 Week Fitness Program based on your likes, dislikes, time, and fitness level.  This program will include cardio, strength training and rest days.  
  • Exclusive access to full length fitness and exercise videos (that my YouTube subscribers are not given access to).
  • 3 1-on-1 sessions via Skype, phone or IM (your pick) The three sessions include an initial consultation, a week review and another review after 21 days on the program.  During the consultations, modifications will be made during the second and third one on one session.  

The price for all this is just $99 for a limited time.  This is a steal.  This doesn’t even cover 3 in-person personal training sessions with me.  It barely covers the 3 1-on-1 sessions and you get additional workoutand diet plans.  The price I guarantee will go up next month.  But since this is the first wave of clients, I’ve drastically reduced what I would charge.

Since the number of clients I take on is limited to my time available, I will only be taking on a limited number at first.  To see if you are a good fit, please fill out this form if you are interested.  I will get back to you within 3 business days to let you know if you are selected.

Again, to inquire about this service just fill out this form.


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