Happy Healthy Hour with Social Boston Sports Recap

Last night, I taught a cardio group exercise class at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston.  I was up on stage with a microphone just like the stars that play there, except I was just yelling, not singing.  

The event was hosted by Social Boston Sports and Vitamin Water Zero which is a favorite beverage of mine.  The series was to promote February as heart health awareness month and Vitamin Water Zero was also introducing a new flavor, Rhythm!  The latest flavor is delicious and taste similar almost to a starfruit flavored coconut water (there is not coconut water).  I love the Vitamin Water Zero brand because they use Stevia instead of other toxic artificial sweeteners like aspartame.  

I got to meet a few of my followers and introduce myself to hopefully a bunch of new ones as well.  I realized how much I enjoy entertaining a crowd, and although I may be done training a gym, I love helping people and teaching big classes.  It didn't hurt that the class sold out at 50 participants!  Hopefully I'll be able to do something similar with this group again.  The tickets were only $5 to attend, and guests got a goodie bag with a Vitamin Water Zero flavored chapstick, a large bright green towel and a bottle of the new Rhythm flavor.  

I had a blast teaching a mostly tabata style class for 45 minutes!  One attendee said he burned 687 calories (according to the heart rate monitor)!  Here are a few snap shots and below you will find the workout that I gave the group minus our warm up and cool down.  Rest for 1-2 minutes between circuits, and 10 seconds between each move.  


Circuit #1

30 seconds – T Twists of Forearms
30 seconds – Jump Throughs (Start in plank position and jump feet to outsides of hands like you are trying to jump through. Return to start.)
30 seconds – Prisoner Squats
30 seconds – Push Ups
Repeat 2x

Rest – 60-120 seconds

Circuit #2
30 seconds – Backward Lunges Left Leg

30 seconds – Backward Lunges Right Leg
30 seconds – Mountain Climbers
30 seconds – Plank with slight hip wiggle (shake side to side)
Repeat 2x

Circuit #3 –
30 seconds – Squat Thrust

30 seconds – Standing Crunch (Hands behind ears, elbows wide, lift right knee as you crunch bringing left elbow to touch, return to start, repeat on opposite side)

30 seconds – Shoulder Taps (Plank position, touch left shoulder with right hand, switch sides, repeat)
30 seconds – Hover Jacks (Plank position, jump feet apart and together, repeat like jumping jack legs only).

Circuit #4
30 Seconds – Calf Jumps

30 seconds – Tricep dips

30 seconds – Spiderman Plank Crunches
30 Second – X Squats

Circuit #5 –

30 seconds – Jump Rope

30 seconds – Inch Worms

30 seconds – High Knees

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