About Sarah

Sarah graduated from The University of Delaware with a BA in Mass Communication and a minor in Political Science. Upon graduation, she accepted a position with New England Sports Network (NESN) as a production assistant, working on the nightly sports news show “Sports desk.”

Sarah began working part time with Diet.com in September of 2006, establishing a video production department on her own from the ground up. From writing to shooting, editing and then distributing online, Sarah successfully helped Diet.com climb to the top of YouTube quickly becoming the most viewed Health producer of all time. Sarah left NESN to pursuit her career with Diet.com full time in November of 2006.

To date, the DietHealth channel has over 45K subscribers and is one of the most viewed channels of all time with over 46 million total views.

Sarah’s videos have been featured in the pages of Glamour magazine, The Washington Post, and many more.

An avid runner and fitness enthusiast all around, Sarah enjoys eating healthy and spending time with her family and friends. Currently, Sarah is busy working with Diet.com, her new site SarahFit.com and own YouTube channel, and studying to be a personal trainer!

Sarah is also a contributor on Examiner.com, WellThen.org and College Candy.com. In the Fall of 2009, Sarah won a spot as a nightlife correspondent on Boston TV show “Dirty Water TV,” which coincidentally airs on NESN.


9 responses to “About Sarah

  1. hi sarah!
    my name’s Huma 27yrs /female, i must say i enjoy ur workout videos a lot, and they have really been helpful. please keep up the good work, take care.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I just watched your great You Tube review of “321 Run”. It’s fantastic to see that you actually check out applications properly and notice the glitches in them as well as the features!

    I’m getting in touch because I’ve got a running application called “Get Running”. Unlike Get Running, it is purely a start to run application, and uses the Couch to 5k plan.

    It’s advantage though is that it’s very focussed, it’s beautifully simple, it has lovely visuals, it’s got a lot of very high quality human voice cues that it reads out, it does have any of those annoying glitches (!not that I’ve found anyway), and it just provides you with lots of helpful information that help you to focus on your challenge and that keeps you motivated!

    If you’d like to check it out, the web site is here. There’s a video there that demos the app in use:


    If you get in touch, I’d be very happy to give you a promo code that’ll give you a free promo copy from the American App store.

    Thanks, and best regards!

  3. Are you on facebook?

  4. hello from the philippines!
    your videos are simple to follow and i think that’s the most impt part esp for busy moms like me

    are you on facebook?

  5. Sarah You the best thanx Your excersices on You tube really helping me Take care God Bless You.
    Best wishes

  6. hi, is your height 5’5, and your weight 140lbs, i heard that is that true sarah, your cool

  7. I like ur workouts too much … I wanna ask Are there any differnces between women & men workouts !!!!

  8. Hey Sarah,

    Your videos are motivaters and have inspired me to start working out again after having my newborn three months ago. I don’t have time to run to the park or gym. What are effective cardio workouts that I can do in my backyard?

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